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When you have the necessary data and wish to link this value with the item.

Apart from importing items, during the documentation the user can upload new files or select from one of the folders that have already been entered into the system. In this way, the new file will be placed into the folder or a folder containing the new image would be created.


If you are not sure for the correctness of your document, you can change its status to "Not Published", so as the document not to be visible to the portal users. Later on, if you are sure for the correctness of your document you can return the status to "Published". However, you should also note that the deletion does not imply the deletion of thesauri terms, created through this object. This happens because there may be new items linked to these terms.

On the contrary, if your document is unwanted and therefore you want to delete it, you just have to click on the "Delete" button. Warning: The deletion is irreversible.

Thesauri Management

Yes, all records will be affected. Furthermore, this is the role of a thesauri. With thesauri, you do not have to make individual changes to every linked record. In contrast this will happened automatically through the means of term modification.
It is possible to delete a term. However, you are kindly requested to transfer the linked records to the term that will remain, in order the records not to be lost.
Using either the simple search (eg looking for a specific value) or the advanced search if you want to use an additional filter (eg if in the Person thesauri you want to find only the institutions).